Heather Reynolds, MA, LPC, CHt, CP

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy

Heather Reynolds, MA, LPC, CHt, CP

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy

Heather Reynolds, MA, LPC, CHt, CP
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy

What are clients saying about Rapid Resolution Therapy?

"I'm really struck by the difference between this approach and more traditional counseling. Thank you for your thoughtful, creative, and purposeful work."

"With RRT and the way it was given, it took pain away and increased strength.”

“I feel lighter…I’m even trying to think of things that used to cause me angst and they’re just not.”

"RRT provided a valuable technique for the future to work through mental challenges. Unsure in the beginning, but very helpful."

“I just feel like this weight has been lifted.”

“For the last 5 years I have been wondering if the rape was going to ruin the rest of my life, now I know that the answer to that question is no, hell no!”

“When I try to think of the bad thing, my mind just moves automatically to what’s positive and what’s happening now.”

“I feel like I’ve been released from prison.”

“For 7 years I lived in the past, replaying the past in my head over and over again, wishing I could go back and erase that moment. I cried day and night... Heather helped me get through my traumas and taught me how to let go of the past... and get through the stress, the pain, and the suffering. Now it’s really different, I have hope that there’s something to move forward to.”

“It was like she just washed it away”

“I feel like you cured my PTSD.”

“You saved my life!”

"I actually feel like I'm done with therapy. I've never felt that way before."

An excerpt from the March 2016 IRRT Newsletter

Elaine's Story

by Jordan Boehler

Everything began falling apart when Elaine’s mother informed her of the family trip home to Sri Lanka next year. Elaine was both excited and terrified. She hadn’t been back to Sri Lanka- and, in fact, she cringed when she heard the name- since she was a teenager. She hadn’t been back since she was sexually assaulted by her father’s friend. She didn’t have much of a relationship with her father anymore. He was a constant reminder of Sri Lanka, of his now ex-friend. Any time she was around him, Elaine was angry and hostile. She couldn’t be happy around him and she wasn’t certain why. “Looking back, I blamed my father for letting it happen to me, but I never told him that."

Elaine had been from therapist to therapist, and to no avail; weeks upon years of DBT, CBT, and the other -BT’s, coupled with psychotropic medications and the occasional visit to a shaman, left her feeling the same: emotionally unstable, reactive, and discouraged. “I was leading this life of promiscuity, and I couldn’t be in a healthy, stable relationship. I would constantly disassociate during sex. I was never really dealing with people properly. I was so stressed all the time. I would be triggered into panic attacks whenever I heard a man’s voice who had an accent. I tried everything I could to get help, but nothing seemed to work. I spent a lot of time pretending I was fine, but I really wasn’t.”

Finally, a coworker referred Elaine to Heather, an RRT practitioner working with students at a local university in Colorado. Elaine was hesitant at first, but open to anything that could help. She walked in to Heather’s office not knowing what to expect. “I never tried anything like it. Heather was the first therapist I met with that didn’t ask for the details of what happened. She was so open and accepting. She described how my brain was wired, and the role of my primal instincts. She told me my experience was just a data processing issue. She told me that what I had done was ok in a way that no one had before. It changed everything…”

Elaine had gone into the session blaming herself for “being in a position to let something like that happen” to her. She left that session guilt-free and had to call her mother even before she left the parking lot. “I felt so different! Suddenly, everything was ok. Suddenly, it seemed like I could overcome- this thing that happened didn’t have to define me. I had just needed to be re-wired!”

Within one month, Elaine had reconnected with her father. Together, they were once again able to share good memories of Sri Lanka and begin making new memories together. She travelled to Sri Lanka later that year with her family and her boyfriend. “Not only was going to Sri Lanka no longer an issue for me, it was actually amongst the best trips I’ve ever taken. I love that country. That man wasn’t allowed to take that away from me. I have never felt so happy or fulfilled. I feel like I have my life back. Heather saved my life!”

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