Heather Reynolds, MA, LPC, CHt, CP

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy

Heather Reynolds, MA, LPC, CHt, CP

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy

Heather Reynolds, MA, LPC, CHt, CP
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Practitioner of Rapid Resolution Therapy



A first session of RRT (1.5-2.5 hours) is $400. Follow-up sessions (45 minutes to 90 minutes) are $225.

For those traveling a significant distance to meet with me or for those looking to get as much as is possible done in a single day, I offer full day sessions (6-8 hours) for $1000.

Want to see if RRT might be right for you? Purchase a 2 session package for $525 ($100 savings)*

Feel like you've been a mess? Package of up to 4 session for $850 ($225 savings--that's one free follow up session!)*

Special pricing available for therapists, veterans, and first responders: First session $300--25% off first session and discounted follow up sessions

*All packages must be paid in full at first session and used within 12 months of the initial session date

What can I expect?

In a first session of Rapid Resolution Therapy, I spend as much time as we need making sure that I have understood how things have been for you. Once you are satisfied that I understand things, I explain RRT’s view of how our minds work. If that makes sense to you, we proceed. If it does not, we take the time we need to get on the same page.

Then, I will tell you where I think we are headed, and we take as much time as we need to make sure we are in agreement about how things will look when we are done with our session.

Once you are interested and excited about where we are going, and you are certain that I get it, I will take you through some relaxation and some visualization exercises to get primitive mind responding, since that is the part that needs to be updated. You will be conscious the whole time and responding to what I am saying. You will remember everything that I say to you. You will never feel out of control or “out of it”.

I will clear up any impressions left by anything in your past that was “traumatic.” By that, I mean anything that still causes negative feelings or thoughts when you think of it today. If you don’t know what past events are “stuck,” that’s okay because your mind knows what they are and they will come to you. People are often surprised, as what comes up may not seem to have relevance or be particularly “traumatic.”

For the last part of the session, we check in to make sure you are feeling better. People usually feel even better in the days following the session.

Follow up sessions can address other issues or can be useful if an issue has a long and complicated history.

One session?

Sometimes one session is all it takes, but in my experience, that is about 20% of the time. Most people benefit from 2-5 sessions. Because of how RRT is sometimes marketed, I have had clients feel like they failed if they were not feeling all better in one session. Sometimes the problem is multifaceted, so it feels better after the first session, but not completely resolved. Other times, the mind has attached so much meaning to the problem (especially weight and prolonged sexual abuse) that we need several sessions to get it all cleared up.

Occasionally your inner mind is hesitant to bring up memories or to believe that getting better is actually better--I know that sounds confusing, but it happens. I do know how to get your mind to cooperate with what you want, it can just sometimes take a little longer.

Panic attack and single traumatic events are most conducive to single sessions. Those events would include: car accidents, birth/medical trauma, rape, death of a loved one, phobias.

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